It is a fact that quality and informative content on your websites can attract more links to your web pages and it will naturally help your SEO efforts. While planning this, it is also crucial to make sure that the link building is done effectively if you want to become more influential and gain a larger set of audience. For the beginners to understand, there is no big rocket science in doing this, but it is all about creating quality content for the common men to understand the channelizing the outcome for better SEO.

A good post on your website blog will be able to win as good as 200 to 1000 quality links if you plan effectively. However, if you can make one of your content go viral, you may end up getting 10000 or more quality links.

In order to stay active and admirable on the highly competitive web space and win more backlinks, you have to focus on some of the evergreen SEO articles, which gained the attention of masses over many generations. 

Here, let’s explore some effective ways of link building to increase organic traffic of your website easily.

Link building internally

It is a successful way to link building to use your quality content to meet the set SEO goals. The objective of this approach is to improve the user experience. A properly maintained internal linking structure may help Google and other search engines to understand your website structure and list it accordingly. Doing so effectively will also help the web pages to get ranked against the most appropriate search terms used by the actual users.

Effective search tracking

Alongside releasing quality and relevant content, one needs to also keep on tracking the content you released against the SEO goals you set. If your focus is increasing the ranking, then you need to use some other essential tools to keep track of the search engine rankings of your page with link content and fine-tune your efforts from time to time.

You also need to ensure the analytics carefully to derive assumptions from the given data to see how the traffic shifts and which all content is performing the most. Content marketing metrics to be taken into careful consideration as to which articles are identified as more valuable by the target audience and accessed mostly. Some other primary considerations to make are:

  • Time spent on the content page
  • Bounce rate
  • Top pages yielding more traffic

All these matrices will help you to effectively strategize your link building strategies.

Along with all these, it is also crucial to select the appropriate headings for your content and also the use of keywords in a balanced way to stay on top. While considering SEO strategies related to your content, always remember that there is no shortcut or over-the-night success tips to follow in this endeavor. Being patient and being slow and steady will surely take you to success over time.


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