Frequently Asked Questions

– We allow pop-up but will not be more than 2 popups/campaign (other organic traffic services strictly disallow popup).
– We give free compensation for lost traffic, and more bonus (5K – 300K Visitors) for a larger package.

– We do not allow websites that contain auto downloader & trojan/virus/malware. It will harm our real visitor’s devices.
– We do not allow websites that need to have a signup or similar Cost Per Action/CPA sites/Survey sites.
– We do not allow very heavy loading site (more than 30 seconds), it can make our organic traffic to close your website before they landed.
– We do not allow url shortening link such or similar for Organic Visit campaign.
– We do not accept any Youtube, Vimeo or similar video streaming url.
– For more information, we strongly recommend you to read our Terms of Services here before you place your order :

You could check and monitor the Organic Traffic using Google Analytics.


Please note that you must have Google Analytics codes set on your website before you order our Organic Traffic packages, otherwise you may not get an accurate amount of visit/traffic calculation and we may not compensate nor be held responsible for any loss visit / traffic due to not / late recorded visit / traffic in your Google Analytics.

We only take claim of loss organic traffic from Google Analytics.

Kindly make sure that your Website Hosting could handle our organic traffic amount, especially if you are using Shared hosting and ordering Organic Package more than 8K/day or otherwise your website could go down due to the visitor spike.


We strongly suggest if you gonna order more than 8K/day you need to have at least a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

Organic Visit will not be held responsible for replacing the ongoing traffic if your website goes down due to your website’s technical problem (could not hold the organic visit amount that you had ordered) after the campaign is running.

If you are interested to become our Reseller , Affiliate, Need Bigger packages (more than 10K/day), or have any related questions for our Organic traffic plan, Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will keep in touch with you ASAP.

If you are confused and not sure try with our trial service just for 2$ for 1 day traffic. Note: We only provide google search for keyword on trial service. TRY NOW