As we all know that March 2020 has been very challenging days for all the world due to the COVID-19, and all the business marketers are also fighting against coronavirus to keep their business going on, and keeping traffic, So checkout our COVID-19 & SEO topic based post here.

Various industries that have seen the drastic changes in their website traffic as on march 11, COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic.

We see that in terms of website traffic the business industries who serve the news, entertainment, online groceries, etc are growing and industries which have services that are not as necessary nowadays such as travel, hotel, transportations, etc are facing drops.

Don’t’ panic, keep calm and do clever optimization of your website to get organic traffic to your website in this tuff situation.

COVID-19 & SEO Topic for combat to coronavirus impact on SEO?

Buy Website Traffic during COVID-19 Pandemic is a Smart Move

In whole the world the situation is that so many business industries feel a huge drop in their organic traffic. In the situation of very hard quarantine days, so many employees are not able to work for your website or your client’s website so in that case, buy website traffic from a trusted company such as organicvisit you can easily keep your organic traffic.

It is really important to optimize and re-visiting SEO strategies to understand the role of SEO in this rapidly changing environment. And the other best reason to buy search engine traffic is you can able to get your targeted related traffic, unique visitors and 100% AdSense safe website traffic. 

This should be one of the best plans which you can add to your SEO strategies in 2020 as you have to change your everyday lives due to impact of COVID-19

Content Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 Impact

The marketers and SEO persons already know about the basic and other content marketing strategies to rank your website but in this crucial time there are also some other factors that you have to know due to the impact of coronavirus.

Think about the updated coronavirus page

Consider creating a dedicated coronavirus page that has all the relevant global information of coronavirus and gives an effective link to key areas of your website.

Create More Youtube Content

We now that video has now become the most popular of media on the web to providing information. In the current quarantine days people expected to spend more time at home viewing YouTube and other streaming services, consider developing more relevant video content to get in front of users.

Give Instruction of Products

If your business industry sells the physical product then you may add the content to your products page related to cleaning and care. This can help to capture search traffic of people who actively search-related cleaning for this quarantine period.

Combat to COVID-19 Impact on Technical SEO & Website Development

Business needs a strong ability to perform in terms of technical updated and for that, the implementation of technical SEO is very important. Some businesses may not have their web development structure and other factors for the update process so they may be disturb due to coronavirus. So you must plan for technical SEO initiatives during this risky period of coronavirus.

While updating or implementing your website also keep in mind for fixing bugs that are directly tied to performance or SERP ranking.

If any business directly impacted by a coronavirus, consider implementing the newly announced schema attributes for Coronavirus from the official blog of the schema.


We know that nowadays every business was mostly affected by coronavirus pandemic. But as you see the above SEO strategies of combat to coronavirus impact, now’s it not the time to put your SEO and marketing for hold. 

If you have any question, other suggestions regarding this blog post or want to buy website traffic for your website then don’t feel hesitation, you can contact us any time at [email protected]

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