A while ago, we’ve heard that email marketing is going to die but you now ask any online marketer about it, they will say that email marketing is evergreen and essential tool in successful digital marketing that helps you to increase organic traffic of your website. In 2019-20 also, mail outreach continues to be one of the top SEO strategies for inbound digital marketers.

Nearing the end of 2018, email marketing is going to evolve and improve through the coming years too with a better scope for multi-channel conversations. Even though mail marketing is not redefining itself in terms of its served purpose, it is blending effectively with many other channels than ever before to help a business grow better.

Email marketing predictions

Last year, we witnessed a lot of discussions around the direction of email marketing as the popularity of instant messengers; shift to data-driven mail marketing and about the latest email designs. Next year, we may need to focus more on email strategies than ever before.

The three key predictors for the focus of e-mail marketing are:

  • Multi-channel communication experience
  • Full-funnel focus
  • Better consumer experience

Omnichannel experience

Omnichannel or multichannel experience, in which email marketing is going to be a key contributor, is expected to be the new focus of email marketing. In this, the communication you maintain with your prospective users or followers will not be sticking to any one channel or another.

Instagram marketing

Businesses know it very well that it is essential to maintain a presence on social media if you aim at increasing brand awareness and engagement. Among many other social media channels, Instagram remains one of the most popular channels for marketing. Establishing your presence on it and building Instagram followers may be the perfect move for the business to get started in social media marketing.

Instagram now also has a range of marketing features too which you can effectively use for business marketing to make your promotional activities more effective. In 2020, you can surely take advantage of below Instagram tips to use it in a more result-oriented way.

Both email marketing and social media marketing has now become the backbone of off-page SEO efforts for any successful marketer. These remain the fundamentals of SEO and the efforts you put into these will surely help reap the best results in terms of organic SEO.

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