There are many things for SEO specialists to know in order to take your clients on top of the SERPs in 2019. In fact, SEO is not the same age-old set of techniques and strategies, but you need to consistently update your knowledge base in order to make SEO a successful affair. Before we discuss the latest 2019 SEO techniques, here are some top non-technical aspects to consider.

Some of the SEO techniques which surely work

Nontechnical SEO tips

• Improve customer experience user-friendly website
• Ensure responsiveness of your website
• Ensure all the broken links are repaired or removed.
• Ensure the users landing to your pages from the search engines tend to spend time on your site.
• Ensure that your site always maintains a professional standard.
• Always use appropriate copywriting strategies to let people linger around your pages.
• Create and publish only quality content.
• Try using benefit-focused headings and subheads to make content more engaging.
• Don’t publish fluff content
• Consistently seek for feedback and try to improve.

Now, let’s explore some on-page factors for optimization.

1. Meta titles

It is one of the most vital SEO factors to consider. The more optimized your title is, the more chances are there for people to click on it. In turn, the more clicks on your posts, the higher ranking you will get. Try to meaningfully include your keyword phrase also into the beginning of the HI tag.

2. Permalink structure

Try to make your URL structure correctly displayed as an effective on-page SEO metric. You should try to use the targeted keywords in URL and avoid any special characters, brackets, symbols, and commas etc. within the URL. Instead of putting spaces, try to use hyphens in the URL strings.

3. Header tags

Use proper header tags to differentiate between other headings and sub-headings, as well as the important points. The title heading is always H1 and then for section breaks you can H2, H3, and so on.

4. Keyword density

As of late, it is ideal to keep the keyword density to 1.5% percent by ensuring a fine mist of LSI keywords. However, there is no clear-cut formula in terms of keyword density. Try to use the semantically related keywords in order to help the search engines better understand your content and rank it accordingly. It is ideal to use the parent keyword in the first paragraph of the content and repeated it in the last paragraph.

Along with the above, you need to watch the meta tags, images, image alt texts, word count of posts, adding schema, internal linking structure, external linking, etc. to ensure optimum SEO value.

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