On-Page SEO Essentials to Build Winning Web Pages

On-Page SEO Essentials to Build Winning Web Pages

The major part of success in terms of ranking high on Google as well as other leading search engines like Bing and Yahoo comes from properly structuring the content and on-page elements. When it comes to structuring on-page elements, it includes the content as well as proper formatting of the page by keeping both the search engines as well as real human visitors on to the page. The idea of structuring page elements is known as “on-page SEO”.

Build Winning Web Pages with On-page SEO

Making it user-friendly

The primary rule when it comes to optimizing your web page content for search engines is to make it readable and user-friendly for the actual readers. You should design your page with users’ needs in mind. As Google also wants to identify and display the most user-friendly pages on their search results, your target audience takes the first priority here, and then comes the search engine algorithms while you plan SEO.

Ensure on-page time

If your page remains reader-friendly, then people may stay on your page for longer and in turn, the more positive signals search engines get to assume that your page is worthy to be ranked on top. On the other hand, if the visitors used to bounce off your page as soon as they land on it, then search engines get an adverse signal as your page is irrelevant to them, and naturally, the ranking goes down.

Keyword density

The best approach is to research targeted keywords and identify how many times it repeats on the top-ranked results and starts from there. You may also use some simple keyword density checkers also to find what number would be ideal on the given page. To give a ballpark figure, keyword density now shouldn’t exceed 2% to 3%.

Optimizing title tag

It is another most important part of SEO element on-page. This is the test users see on top of the browser window when they open your page. It also comes as the link to click on the search engine results. So, it is the title tag that says Google as well as the users about what your page is all about. So, give enough time and consideration in preparing the most accurate and precise title tag.

Some other essential on-page elements to consider in order to ensure high ranking include but not limited to using appropriate header tags, using appropriate text decorations, putting a proper table of content, appropriate image optimization and usage of image alt texts, creation of proper internal and external linking structure, etc