We know that nowadays people are addicted to using mobile phones. Google already declared the mobile-first index, so we must take care of optimizing every business website for mobile-friendly.

Increasing mobile traffic is more important. As per our calculation, you may lose more than 50% of your niche visitors if your website is not optimized for mobile web traffic. You also notice that most peoples access the web from their mobile devices and the use of mobile increases day by day. It’s simple that if any user who is interested in your services can’t easily access your website on their mobile or tablet then you lost them.

6 Easy Rules to Optimize Your Website for Increase Mobile Traffic

1. Responsive Web Design –

As your website is working and performing on the desktop it should be also performed as same on mobile devices or tablets to increase mobile traffic easily.

What means by responsive design? – In simple words, responsive web design is when it perfectly responds to the user’s behavior regarding screen size, platform, and other factors.

So keep in mind that when you going to design your website you must take care of the responsive design.  In short, your website can’t display in a different way on a mobile device than it displayed in desktop view.

If you use WordPress for designing, you may also find some best responsive themes that can be fitted with a verity of display formats.

2. Don’t Forget SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

As it’s named the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is very important for the safe and secure use of the internet. The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it.

Any user is always thinking about their security while using internet services such as transactions, some logins, data transfer, and more. In today’s digital world so many online transactions are done just from mobile phones so if you don’t use the secure connection you lost your targeted visitor. The added security of encryption makes visitors more confident when making purchases or using any other online services.

3. Compress Photos & Coding

Caching content is the easiest way to speed up your website which helps to increase mobile traffic. What you do is just compress large files and codes into small bits that can be processed easily.

When you open a website on mobile or tablet it uses less bandwidth than PCs. So, compress images and coding content as small as possible. It’s not so hard to reduce photos without any real loss of quality.

There are so many tools and software are available online which help you to optimize images, Make sure your pages load quickly on mobile devices.

4. Make Your Website Up-to-Date

In the whole world, the people/Users are always living their life with trends and they are also updated technically. Make sure that all your website aspects are up-to-date to increase mobile traffic fast.

If you are using CMS (Content Management System) with plugins or themes then you must update all that with their latest versions. It helps you more in search engine ranking and also for security. 

In another way, you can also monitor website traffic of your competitor and check for their updates. If you found something trendy or other things you can also apply the same for your website in design-wise or anything else.

5. Don’t use Popups If Not Needed

For this factor, I personally recommended to don’t use popups for your website. It’s a very irritating thing for the user and because of that, you can easily lose your potential mobile traffic.

When you are using a popup on a website then the user can delete it from mouse easily but the same way that popups are difficult to delete on the mobile screen. In other cases, there are also some popups that are needed but you also beware of Google penalties.

6. Check and Improve Site’s Loading Times

As Google declared the mobile-first indexing is the most important point you have to keep in mind that your website loading time is quick.

Today’s generation is very fast so when the user opens your website on mobile and it’s not open quickly (up to 2 to 5 seconds) they abandon your website and go for others. Always keep in mind that the website loading speed is directly affected to search engine ranking. We also know that Google uses specific algorithms to determine your website positioning which is directly connected to your site’s speed.

There are also some tools available on the internet for site speed and performance checks. But I highly recommended using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool gives you the perfect score and also provides solutions if the website has some issues, so you can solve them and improve your website speed to increase mobile traffic fast.

After doing all this how can you check that your website is mobile-friendly or not? There are so many tools available online to check mobile-friendly websites for increase mobile traffic. But before that why you have to check that, because when you use a mobile device yourself then it’s easy to check how your website is performing. But here we have to make it proper for all the users who have different mobile platforms.

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