We know that many marketers using spend money through paid SEO services to achieve their own/client’s goals. It’s totally true that paid SEO gives you quick results, more costumes, but not everyone would like to go for paid promotion. So here we are happy to share with you that there are plenty of google’s free tools that increase website traffic.

Since you don’t use these free Google tools, you are passing up a great opportunity. Without spending much more budget you can easily use these free tools to maximize your website traffic.

Let us quickly know about Google’s free tools to increase website traffic.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

It’s not a hidden fact that mobile is the most useful device in the world and some analysis that approx around 60% of searches come from mobile devices. So as a marketer you always keep in mind optimizing your website for mobile.

Mobile-friendly websites allow anyone who tries to visit your site on mobile devices will encourage them for better information and services. This is a basic and easy way to improve your website traffic.

A great way to check what Google thinks of your level of mobile optimization is by using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply enter your URL, and Google will analyze it and report it to be either mobile-friendly or not.

You can do the best mobile optimization of your website by using the Google mobile-friendly test. You just need to copy your website URL and Google will give you all the reports and scores of your website.

Google My Business

Nowadays business is moving their local marketing efforts for online as phone books coming to end. The search term “near me” is using very much today, so the local SEO becomes more powerful. 

One way to cement your local SEO strategy is to create a Google My Business listing. You can enter your business hours, contact info, website, and company information, and add images.

Creating Google my business listing for a website is one of the best local SEO strategies. In google my business you can easily enter your business contact info, website, images, and more website information.

Google Ads Tools

We know that Google Ads is not a free service, but some tools are free to access within your google ads account. Those tools are Google Ads keyword planner, traffic estimator, contextual targeting, and keyword placement tool.

Google Ads keyword planner – this tool simply searches for words related to your products or services which help you find the best keywords relevant for your business.

Adword Traffic Generator – You can use a Google AdWords traffic estimator to monitor keyword traffic, while also discovering new high-traffic keyword ideas based on already successful keywords.

Contextual Targeting Tool – this allows you to identify good groups of keywords to target within your display network campaigns, even some few people know about this free tool.

Keyword Placement Tool – It embeds selected SEO keywords at places where search engines pay more attention to when examining web page content.

Google Trends

You can easily find popular topics for your industry through Google trends. Google trends give you the latest trendy topics related to your keyword which helps you to drive tons of traffic to your website by creating content around those topics.

So google trend is also a useful tool for getting new and high volume keywords to target.

Google Correlate

Google correlates is something like Google trend but it has the reverse ability which gives you a list of a search term that corresponds with the real-world trend.  After using this tool you can easily understand the difference between real-world trends and search terms. Discover the relevant and ranked long tails keywords by using Google correlate.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Website page performance is so important to increase organic traffic, so you must have to optimize your page speed. 

When you go through PageSpeed Insights (PSI) it gives you page performance reports on desktop and mobile devices. You can also improve it with the suggestions provided by PageSpeed Insights.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is one of the best free tools to monitor page speed. Some new marketers are blessed by this tool for understanding technical SEO issues, page speed issues, and more.


There’s no doubt that every business wants to get a better ranking for their website and for they spend much money on SEO. As we discussed there are many free and effective free tools given by Google so don’t forget to use them to increase website traffic.

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