It’s always a challenge to start a new business website and boost it. There are many factors you have to apply for getting more business leads. We know that every business owner or marketer is always searching for more website traffic and customers.

We know that it is a little hard to get more traffic for a brand new business but don’t you worry.

Get the simple but effective ways to drive traffic to brand new websites.

1. Buy Website Traffic that Converts to Leads

Brand new websites have to make their presence at many places on the internet to gain traffic. There are many ways available that we will talk about below, but first of all, we suggest you buy website traffic that converts to leads and customers from reliable web traffic providers.

As starting a business/website you already invest your time and money, so now when it’s time to get targeted and real human website traffic then you must go for it.

Benefits of buying paid web traffic from a reliable company like Organic Visit

→ Always give you real human traffic

→ Help to increase organic traffic

→ Gives your business a targeted audience

→ Improve SEO performance

→ 100% Adsense Safe Traffic Provided

Sometimes it is not so affordable for many people to buy paid traffic but what more do you expect to get really good and valuable traffic without doing anything from your side? So it’s better to buy high converting website traffic to boost your business.

2. Submit site to search engines

A brand new website must want the attention of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to list out their website and content. Search engine submission helps your website to index in different search engines and gives your website popularity, traffic, ranking, and more value.

Another reason for submitting websites to all major search engines is that different countries use various search engines on their internet. So it will help your business website to rise globally.

Importance of Search Engine submission:-

  • increase ranking & visibility
  • You can get more organic traffic
  • Standout your business at various places
  • A cost-effective way to place your website
  • Give the primary presence of your website on the internet

3. Focus on On-page SEO

On-page SEO always stands first, when we talk about website traffic or any other SEO action. For any brand new website, on-page plays an important role to raise any business in terms of SEO. 

(What is On-page SEO? – On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages to improve them for getting better results in SERP. basic-Page SEO includes optimization of web pages, links, URLs, and meta tags.)

Perfect On-Page SEO helps your website to get organic traffic as it’s an important basic key to get rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). On-page SEO offers long-term benefits which help your website to bring organic traffic for years.

4. Use the Power of Social Media

We know that social media is one of the best and powerful platforms to promote your content. Putting quality content in your brand new website is not enough, you must have to share those to increase website traffic easily.

There are not only Facebook and Instagram to share your content but many other social media platforms are available like Medium, Reddit, Linkedin, etc. You can share content like videos, images, presentations, documents, and more on relevant social media networking sites.

For start-up businesses, social media is the best platform to build their brand and community to grow their business profiles. By using social media you can easily engage with your targeted audience.

5. Think About Mobile Users

Today more people are using mobile devices to access the web, so your website must be responsive for all smartphones. In other words, mobile-friendly websites always help you to gain traffic and organic visitors.

By making a mobile-friendly and responsive website,  you can easily decrease the chance of lost mobile traffic. Google already announced the importance of mobile-first indexing to crawling the web using mobile devices.

(Pro Tip – 6 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices)

6. Create Blog

Starting a blog and engaging your niche-related people is a very effective way to increase business visitors. Update unique and well-informed content in your blog also helps your website in overall SEO performance.

You can now share the informative content of your blog post on your social media accounts. So interested people will come to your website through that post. Fresh content on blogs will get more attention from search engines which is also beneficial for organic traffic.

You can also convert blog posts into videos, infographics, PSD documents, and more. So those will become very good stuff to share and get visits from it.

7. Do Quality Link building

Link building is also a powerful activity to increase the organic traffic to your website if you do it correctly. There are many ways and resources for doing link building to increase website search ranking.

(What is Link Building? – Link building is the process of creating something interesting and posting them on other websites with a redirected link to your website page.)

Link building is included in major Off-Page SEO activities which tell search engines about your web page. Link building must be done with fresh and quality content so, more people will share it and you can easily drive web traffic through it.

After optimizing a website and doing a good on-page for your website, the next important thing is building more quality backlinks for your website. Link building also helps your business to get ranked in search engine result pages(SERP).

8. Smart Competitor Analysis

As you analyze your customers’ needs and other facts, it’s also important to analyze competitors to drive traffic for your site.

Why is competitor analysis important?

Competitor analysis gives you a better understanding of what they are doing which is better than you. After that, you can improve many things related to the website, strategies, social sharing, etc. it will help you to gain more traffic and conversations instead you get before.

There are many free and paid competitor analysis tools available on Google which you can use. Many business owners use that to get information about their competitors. They can analyze the competitor’s traffic sources, audiences, useful content, and more.

9. Do local SEO to stand out your business

By doing local SEO you can improve the organic traffic of your business website from searches performed by audiences nearby your areas.

One of the best local SEO activities is Google My business, which is easy to set up and your business/shop will appear in search results.

Without going to the global market or the international era of online platforms, you can easily stand your business and give a startup boost to your business with the help of local SEO. Business owners are always thinking about the global market to grow their customers but they forgot that local SEO is easy & effective way to build relationships with local communities. 

10. CTA in Email Marketing

CTA (call to action) is a very efficient way to promote your business page through your emails. Many people already use the Email-signature to redirect their website or blog page.

The best thing about using the email signature is, you can cover all internet users via your mails only. In email signature, you can promote anything without doing any hard work either whatever content you use in your mail.

After using the perfect CTA strategy in your email marketing you can easily double your traffic, leads, and conversations. This is one of the best activities to get a high CTR (click-through-rate) value which instantly helps you for better ranking in SERP.


All of the above are very simple but most effective strategies to drive traffic for your brand new website.

Either all these, if you want instant traffic to your website then we are always here to provide you quality traffic with our daily SEO activities at an affordable price.

If you are more interested in watching YouTube videos then, watch out below our SEO informative video for the above blog post. –

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